No time to travel? On a tight budget?

I just started a series of online courses for writers high on motivation and low on money. Because I know what it feels like to miss out on a course I’d love to take due to lack of funds, I’m keeping the prices low so they’ll be accessible to everyone .

Question Me a Novel: First Thoughts to First Draft – Get ready for NaNoWriMo and take your novel from the seed of an idea to a completed first draft. Open for preregistration.

Spinning Straw Into Gold: Revising and Editing Your Novel – Learn a multi-layered approach to strengthen story structure, deepen characters, sharpen dialogue, heighten tension, tighten and polish your prose, and just plain make your book better. Open for preregistration.

Supercharge Your Writing – I’m looking for a few good crime fiction writers (mystery, thriller, suspense, or literary) to join me on a journey toward excellence. We’ll deconstruct top contemporary crime novels and learn story structure, dialogue, exposition, subtext, and more. Want to come along? Open for preregistration.

Sell Your Books, Not Your Soul: Book Marketing and Promotion for the Rest of Us – If you’re an introvert, book marketing may never be your favorite thing, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. You can build an author platform and connect with readers using your individual strengths and interests. Open for preregistration.

Building Your Author Website: A Guidebook for Beginners – If you have a small budget and are a little (or more than a little) intimidated by WordPress, this step-by-step course for beginners will help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to build and maintain your own author website. Open for preregistration.

Book Marketing with MailChimp for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide for Authors – Learn to use MailChimp to build an email list, create an automated email sequence, create attractive author newsletters, and more. Open for preregistration.