These writing articles are geared toward writing the mystery, but many, if not most, of the lessons are appropriate for any genre. New lessons (or links to new lessons) will be added over time.

 Have fun. Happy writing!



Lesson 1: What Kind of Book Do You Want to Write?

Lesson 2: Creating Your Protagonist, Part 1

Lesson 3: Creating Your Protagonist, Part 2

Lesson 4: Character Questionnaire

Lesson 5: The Character Interview

Lesson 6: The Big Book

Lesson 7: Cast of Characters

Lesson 8: Suspects and Red Herrings

Lesson 9: Timelines

Lesson 10: Plotting the First Draft

Lesson 11: Writing the First Draft

Lesson 12: Writing Dialogue

Lesson 13: Setting

Lesson 14: Show and Tell (When to show and when to tell)

Lesson 15: Heightening Tension

Lesson 16: Pacing

Lesson 17: Editing 101–The Big Picture

Lesson: 18: The Reading Team

Lesson 19: Editing 202–Addition + Subtraction

Lesson 20: Writing Workshops

Lesson 21: What about book doctors?

Lesson 22: Advanced Revision–Tighten and Polish

Lesson 23: How Do I Know When It’s Ready?

Lesson 24: Agents–Do I Need One and How Do I Get One?

Lesson 25: What You MUST Know Before You Self-Publish

Lesson 26: Marketing and Promotion

Lesson 27: Your Month-by-Month Marketing Plan