Learn to Make a Living Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is an extremely lucrative niche, and if you’re a good writer who is fascinated by other people’s stories, you could earn $35,000 or more per assignment. Carol Tice is offering a free replay of her webinar with ghostwriter Claudia Suzanne. Claudia will talk about how to build a ghostwriting business that brings you a comfortable living.

Carol’s free trainings do promote her Den classes, but they are well worth taking, whether you end up taking the class or not. There are no high-pressure sales, just good, solid information you can put to use immediately and an offer of more support and deeper learning if you want it.

You can register for the free webinar recording by clicking on the banner below. It’s an affiliate link, which means if you do decide to take the class, I’ll get a small portion of the registration fee at no extra cost to you.

FREE EVENT: How to Earn $35,000 per Writing Project (And Up) CLAIM MY SPOT, Thursday, January 19, 2017, 11AM Pacific – Presented by Claudia Suzanne, The Ghostwriting Expert and the Freelance Writers Den




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